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Deployment Notice
Posted by ShaNeil Harada on 16 September 2016 10:21 AM

We are excited to announce a product release that was deployed last night.  It contains many great new features that we've been working on for quite a while.  For customers running LabStats on premises, an updated installer will be released sometime next month.

Usage History Report
Discover the usage of your computers and labs as a percent of availability over time. View trends over the course of a few minutes, years, or anything in between. Powerful comparison options allow you to view and compare utilization at the machine level, group (lab) level, or go even further using tags to compare different sets of machines like "Lab" vs. "Kiosk" vs. "Laptop" vs. "Desktop".
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Login Summary Reports
View and compare aggregate usage statistics of users, stations, or groups (labs) during a particular time frame. Similar to the Usage History report, you can utilize station and user tags to gain insight into the diverse ways your stations are being used, such as "Freshman" vs. "Engineering Senior" vs. "Main Floor" vs. "Basement".
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More Reporting Enhancements
These two new reports have been built on a brand new, powerful reporting system that we've built from the ground up. We've built many new additional features into this new reporting system that we'd love to share:
Data Warehouse
This system utilizes a data warehouse, which stores session data in an optimized format for faster reporting on even larger datasets and enables even more complex analysis.
New Filters
Zero in on your intended data better with many brand new filters. Filter in or out specific operating systems. Choose specific machines, users, or applications by name. Include and now even excluded based on tags. Report down to the minute or use schedules with many more options including specific time blocks, open/closed statuses, and--the most powerful of all--group schedules.
Data Format Changes
Viewing the output of your data in your terms has never been easier with data format changes. Now you can change the unit of measure to minutes, hours, or days depending on your individual needs. Then when you're ready to download your data, choose whether or not you prefer to export in friendly, readable format or a raw format great for further manipulation in a spreadsheet (this feature coming very soon).
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A Note About Report Enhancements
Please note that existing reports do not use this new reporting infrastructure. Over the course of the next year, these reports will be revamped into the new system and will then take advantage of these new capabilities.

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LabStats Update Coming Next Week
Posted by ShaNeil Harada on 28 April 2016 01:49 PM

We're pleased to announce that an update for the Cloud-Based version of the new LabStats will be deployed on Thursday, May 5th. An update for the On-Premises version will be available one week later, on Thursday, May 12th.

With this update, schedules will now allow you to identify whether each time block is “open” or “closed.” In the future, we’ll be making the new open/closed flag available in reports to help narrow results. We've also added a tool for managing ignored MAC addresses within the Web Manager, which helps eliminate potential problems caused by virtual MAC addresses.

The integration with Active Directory has been improved and some past issues should be resolved. If you're currently using Active Directory integration, please reach out to our Support team as you may need to adjust your settings.

Click here to view our full release notes and find out what else has changed.

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