What Is the New LabStats?

  • The new LabStats is a new product built from the ground up. It shares some features and functionality with previous LabStats products, but many new features and improvements have been added.
  • We are continuously working to improve the new LabStats and welcome your feedback and feature requests.

How Do I Ensure Clients Are up to Date?

  • See how many stations are running older LabStats versions by navigating to Admin > Settings > Client Update Settings.

Stations Running Old Versions shows the total number of stations running older LabStats versions. Clicking the total will load a list of stations showing which older LabStats version they are currently on.

To ensure clients only update during certain maintenance windows, disable automatic client updates by clicking the Disable Automatic Updates button on this page.

What Is the Active Directory Tool?

LabStats has two Active Directory options:


What User Roles Are Available?

  • The Viewer role is able to view all dashboards, stations, applications, logins, reports and alerts but cannot access any administrative functions, maps, or change settings.
  • The Admin role has full administrative privileges.

How Do I Deploy LabStats as Part of an Image?

  • When deploying the LabStats client as part of an image, make sure Hostnames are unique is not selected by navigating to Admin > Settings > Client Settings > Machine Identifications.  Ensure Hostnames are unique is not selected.
    • Selecting Hostnames are unique will cause multiple machines to cluster under a single station.
    • Our Support Team needs to be contacted to help separate the machines.
  • If VM software (i.e. VirtualBox or VMWare) is included in the image, it is possible that the virtual MAC address for these VMs will be shared across all clients with the same image. This could cause the machines to cluster under a single station.
    • To avoid this, make sure the virtual MAC addresses on the master image are listed in the IgnoredMacAddresses table in the database.

Has There Been a Mac Install Path Change?

  • If file location criteria is used to determine if software needs to be installed, /usr/bin/LabStats* may have previously been checked. Due to changes in El Capitan, this path has been changed in the latest Mac client to /usr/local/bin/.

How Do I Prevent Deep Freeze From Interfering with LabStats?

  • If a logout script forces a reboot with each logout, it may be desirable to redirect the C:\ProgramData\LabStats folder to a ThawSpace using Data Igloo or Mklink.
    • If a reboot does not occur with each logout, it may still be desirable to redirect, but it is not necessary since the new LabStats infers an end-of-record, so full records will not be lost.
    • Learn more about LabStats and Deep Freeze.