Group Definitions

Machines can automatically be assigned to groups through the use of Group Definitions.

  1. Navigate to Stations, then click Groups.
  2. Select a group, Click Group Details (top-right corner).
  3. Click Manage Hostname Definitions.
  4. Click Add New Group Definition to create a definition.
  5. Set the Match Rule to the pattern that the hostnames should match (such as Lab_A with ‘.*’ as a wildcard at the end). With this Regular Expression pattern, all stations with “Lab_A” at the beginning of their hostname will be moved to the Lab A group automatically.
  6. Click Submit to save and apply the changes.

Hostname Definitions apply to unassigned stations and stations that have recently checked in. If a station already exists in another group (other than unassigned), it will not be moved by the Hostname Definition, and it must be moved manually.

Updated on September 26, 2018

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