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Computers/Labs not Showing up in LabFind

Make sure that schedules are assigned to groups. Even if you have enabled a group, groups without assigned schedules will not display in LabFind. This is important even if your lab is open for twenty-four hours. Just set up a schedule from 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM so the lab shows as “open” in LabFind. Twenty-four hour labs without schedules set will not show up in LabFind.

Setup and Assign Schedules

Create New Schedules

  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Schedules.
  2. Click Add Schedule. Enter a name, a description, and then assign the schedule to any desired groups. Click Submit.
  3. Click Add Named Block. Named Blocks are periods of time that are defined within a schedule.
  4. Enter a name, start time, end time, and the days of the week for the new Named Block.
  5. Click Submit to save.
  6. Click Add to create additional Time Blocks in order to specify different hours on different days. Named Blocks are able to contain multiple Time Blocks.
    Additional Named Blocks can also be added to separate different types of hours.

Schedules allow Closed Dates to be defined for recurring days that labs will be closed.

Assign Existing Schedules

  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Schedules.
  2. Find a schedule you want to assign, click View (Right side).
  3. Click Edit (Right side).
  4. Select groups to assign.
  5. Click Submit.
Updated on August 27, 2019

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