Station Info

Clicking a station name or icon will load the Station Info page. This page displays the station’s ID, name, description, group name, and any associated tags.


The Machine tab on the Station Info page shows the following hardware information as reported by the device:

  • Machine ID
  • Hostname
  • Operating System
  • Serial
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • MAC Addresses
  • Ip Addresses
  • IPV6 Addresses
  • Client Version


The Current tab can show the following information:

  • Powered On—The date and time the device was powered on (if currently in use or powered on).
  • Login—The login name of the current user and the date and time the user logged in.
  • Current Applications–The tracked applications that are currently running on the device.


The Recent tab lists the most recent actions taken on the device:

  • Type—Identifies each action as an Application, Login, or Power action.
  • Station—The name of the station the action occurred on.
  • Start—The date and time the action began.
  • Duration—How long the action took to complete.
  • Login—The login name of the user logged in when the action took place.
  • Application—The application associated with the action (if the action was an Application action).

Installed Applications

Shows a downloadable list of all the software installed on the selected station.

  • It shows the version number, operating system, and the vendor of the software.
  • It also includes a timestamp of the last time the software was inventoried.


  • Edit Station—Edit the station’s name, description, icon, and associated tags.
  • Deduplicate Station—Merge the station with another station (in the case of duplicate stations).
  • Assign to a Different Group—Reassign the station to another group.
  • Unassign Station from Group—Remove the station from its current group.
  • Update to Latest Version—Update the station client to the latest version.
  • Connect—Connect to the station via Remote Desktop (if configured).
  • Return to Listing—Return to the Group page.

Learn more about Groups and Stations and the Station Manager page.

Updated on October 4, 2018

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