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LabStats’ reports show which applications are being used by comparing the usage of multiple applications or application groups (application tags). Labstats also tracks desktop apps as well as web apps (websites): it only tracks the websites and applications that are useful to you. To view the applications that are being tracked:

  1. Navigate to the Application Manager (Applications, click Manager).
  2. Check/uncheck the Tracked status of any application.
  3. Add any additional desktop or web-based applications that may be missing and set them to be tracked.

Website application tracking works automatically with the native internet browser of an OS. A browser extension must be installed to track web apps under the following conditions:

  • Using the Chrome web browser on Windows requires the installation of the LabStats Google Chrome extension to track web applications.
  • Using Firefox web browser on MacOS and/or Windows requires the installation of the Firefox extension to track web applications.

Install Browser Extensions


  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Client Downloads.
  2. Click Chrome Browser Extension (Needed for Windows).
  3. Click Add to Chrome.

The Chrome extension can also be deployed using other methods. Here are some useful support articles from Google:


  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Client Downloads.
  2. Click Firefox Extension (download the Firefox XPI file).
  3. Open the file with Firefox to install the extension.

Track a Web Application

  1. Navigate to Applications Manager.
  2. Click Define a Web App.
  3. Fill out the Create Web Application form to manually add an application:
    • Name—The name of the application.
    • Vendor—Vendor that provided the application (if applicable).
    • Description—A brief description of the application.
    • Tracked—Check the box to track the application.
    • Tags—Tags that apply to the application.
    • Pattern Types—Choose to identify the application name by Wildcard (*) or RegEx (Regular Expression).
    • URL Patterns—The URL path of the application (i.e. https://labstats.com).
  4. To edit the information, click on the name of the application to open the Application Info page.

Learn more about Desktop Applications and managing Tracked Applications.

Updated on October 16, 2018

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