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How to Encourage Student Adoption of LabFind

Once you have LabFind configured and customized for your school, you’re ready to begin offering the app to students. We’ve put together the following resources to help you spread the word about LabFind.

Download the LabFind Awareness Kit for slide decks, email templates and other resources that will help you effectively communicate the benefits of LabFind to your peers and to students.

Download the LabFind Awareness Kit

LabFind Campus Promo Guide

Displays and Signage

Screen lock displays

Screen-lock displays are an easy way to display LabFind to students where the context makes sense to them: in computer labs. Screen-lock displays are also effective at kiosks, or other public access workstations with digital displays.

Posters / Digital posters in lab areas

Posters or digital displays are best placed in areas on campus with high foot traffic. If the displays are located in an area that is easy for students to access, using QR codes on posters can increase adoption. PDF posters are optimized for print at 11x17in.

QR Codes

Including a QR code or URL on screen-lock displays, LabMaps, signage or other digital displays allows students to take action immediately. These QR codes redirect students to a LabFind download page.

Partnering with faculty and staff

Make professors aware of LabFind and encourage them to recommend it to students

Professors are where the rubber meets the road with students. They are in a unique position to make app recommendations to students. Professors can use LabFind to plan out assignments according to resources available on campus. Professors can then help students find those resources when they assign the corresponding coursework.

Partner with your student orientation office

Your university’s student orientation office can be a powerful partner to introduce LabFind to new students. In order for student orientation staff to be effective partners, it’s important to understand the value that LabFind provides to new students. We recommend working with your student orientation office to introduce LabFind when they provide information about campus technology resources or locations, such as the location of printers, student libraries or study areas.

Reaching out to students directly


A simple email informing students of what LabFind is and how they can use it is often enough to drive adoption. See our email templates as a jumping-off point.

Posts from university social media accounts

Since most students use social media on their phones, it’s the perfect place to introduce the LabFind app and encourage immediate downloads. Posting about LabFind is quick and easy with our social media post templates that you can customize and share through your school accounts.

Download the LabFind Awareness Kit

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