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How to Join/Host LabFind

Joining an Existing LabFind Group

If a separate group within your organization is already using LabFind (and using the same web domain), you will see some different options while enabling LabFind. You will have the opportunity to join their group in LabFind so that your students have an improved experience (recommended).

  1. Click Join Existing Group.
  2. Copy the API Key and securely send it to the administrator of the LabFind host.
  3. When navigating to the LabFind page in LabStats you should see the following prompt: “You are being hosted in another group’s LabFind.”

Host Others on Your LabFind Group

If another department or college on your campus wants to join your LabFind group, you can host them so that all available computers can be shown to students in one place for an improved student experience.

  1. Ask for the API Key from the joining organization.
  2. Navigate to LabTools, in LabStats. Click LabFind.
  3. Click Manage LabFind Settings.
  4. Under Unified Experience, Check the box labeled: My organization has multiple departments who use LabStats separately.
  5. Paste the API Key you received into one of the fields.
  6. Click Save.

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