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How to Resolve Duplicate Stations

In rare cases, it is possible for a station record to become duplicated. This most commonly occurs on laptops which utilize both wireless and wired internet connections, and occasionally after reimaging a computer.

Going forward, this behavior can be generally prevented entirely by utilizing one of the Machine ID settings. You can read more about them in this support article. These settings will not resolve already existing duplicates, however, so you’ll also need to review the instructions below for those.

The deduplication process will take the two separate station records and merge them together into a single station record. Deduplication will combine usage data and assign both MAC addresses to the single station record. Therefore despite the connection method, a laptop with multiple internet connection options will report as a single station.

  1. Click Manager under the Stations drop down menu on your Dashboard
  2. Select one of the stations that you would like to merge
  3. Under the Reallocate Station drop down menu on the left, click on Deduplicate
  4. After selecting Deduplicate you will be brought to the merge select screen
  5. Select the other station to merge
    *Note: LabStats will offer suggestions of likely duplicates to match the selected station. If no suggestions can be found you will be prompted to select the duplicate station to merge with.
  6. You will be brought to the confirmation page
    *Note: Carefully review the station information to ensure the two selected stations should be merged together, as the process cannot be reversed.
  7. Decide whether you would like to Keep Older Station or Keep Newer Station
    *Note: We recommend keeping the older station.
  8. Click the checkbox that reads “I understand that these changes are irreversible”
  9. Click select to complete the merge

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