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Improving the LabFind Experience

Once LabFind has been completely or partially set up, a new section is visible on the LabFind page in LabStats. This section provides suggestions to make LabFind more informative and useful to students. Possible suggestions include the following:

Each suggestion will disappear when the action has been completed.


Your LabStats groups can be represented as labs within LabFind. Since not all of your groups are necessarily labs, you can specifically choose which groups you’d like to appear. You will need to set up your groups and assign schedules to them first.

  1. Check the boxes to enable groups to show up in LabFind as a lab.

Setup Groups/Labs

Creating a Group

  1. Navigate to Stations, then click Groups.
  2. Click Create Group.
  3. Enter the requested information to create a new group:
    • Name — The name of the group.
    • Description — A brief description of the group.
    • Create In — Shows the parent group or root if no parent.
    • Contents — Choose whether the group will contain groups or stations. *You must select stations if you want it to show up in LabFind
    • Advanced — Change the way stations in the group are tracked.
  4. Click Save.


Groups that contain subgroups do not show up in LabFind and cannot be added as labs.


Labs in LabFind may or may not contain stations. You might choose to create a group/lab that has other resources for students, such as whiteboards and a projector for group projects. Learn more about adding capabilities.

Setup and Assign Schedules

Create New Schedules

  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Schedules.
  2. Click Add Schedule. Enter a name, a description, and then assign the schedule to any desired groups. Click Submit.
  3. Click Add Named Block. Named Blocks are periods of time that are defined within a schedule.
  4. Enter a name, start time, end time, and the days of the week for the new Named Block.
  5. Click Submit to save.
  6. Click Add to create additional Time Blocks in order to specify different hours on different days. Named Blocks are able to contain multiple Time Blocks.
    Additional Named Blocks can also be added to separate different types of hours.

Schedules allow Closed Dates to be defined for recurring days that labs will be closed.

Assign Existing Schedules

  1. Navigate to Admin, then click Schedules.
  2. Find a schedule you want to assign, click View (Right side).
  3. Click Edit (Right side).
  4. Select groups to assign.
  5. Click Submit.


We know identity is important to your school and your students, so users will experience LabFind under your school brand in a familiar way.

  1. Add Brand Colors (hex codes). The Primary color acts as the color for buttons/navigation and icons and the Secondary color is for text on buttons/navigation.
  2. Upload a Logo Image. Click Choose File to select a logo. For best results, we recommend an image with a minimum dimension of 500 x 500 pixels, with all whitespace cropped, in PNG file format.

Add Addresses, GPS Coordinates, and Capabilities to Labs

  1. Navigate to Stations then click Groups.
  2. Locate a Group that you enabled as a lab and click on it.
  3. Click Group Details, on the upper-right side under your name.
  4. Click Edit Lab Features.
  5. Enter the Physical Address and Latitude and Longitude degrees to help students find the exact location of the lab.
  6. Check the box for capabilities that exist within the selected lab.

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