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LabFind Setup

Improve your students’ experience with the help of LabFind, a mobile app that empowers students to find available resources on campus. Students can use LabFind to get directions to available computers in real-time, find specialized software and discover additional resources like printers and study space. This iOS and Android app is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

To use LabFind on your campus, you first need to run through a simple setup process in LabStats to define your campus resources, school branding, and labs.


  1. In LabStats, navigate to LabTools. Click LabFind.
  2. Check the box to Enable LabFind on my campus.
    • If a separate group within your organization is already using LabFind, you will have the option to Join Existing Group.
  3. Add the organization’s domain name ( Students gain access to LabFind by confirming they are part of your organization through verification to their school-issued email account. Click Next.


We know identity is important to your school and your students, so users will experience LabFind under your school brand in a familiar way.

  1. Add Brand Colors (hex codes). The Primary color acts as the color for buttons/navigation and icons and the Secondary color is for text on buttons/navigation.
  2. Upload a Logo Image. Click Choose File to select a logo. For best results, we recommend an image with a minimum dimension of 500 x 500 pixels, with all whitespace cropped, in PNG file format.


Your LabStats groups can be represented as labs within LabFind. Since not all of your groups are necessarily labs, you can specifically choose which groups you’d like to appear. You will need to set up your groups and assign schedules to them first.

  1. Check the boxes to enable groups to show up in LabFind as a lab.

Unified Experience

This option allows for multiple departments/colleges in a college/university who use LabStats separately that have the same web domain (i.e., to have a unified LabFind app. This allows students to see all the resources available in one place. Learn more about how to Join or Host LabFind.

Improving the LabFind Experience

Once LabFind has been completely or partially set up, a new section is visible on the LabFind page in LabStats. This section provides suggestions to make LabFind more informative and useful to students. Learn more about how to make LabFind more useful to students.

How to Encourage Student Adoption of LabFind

Once you have LabFind configured and customized for your school, you’re ready to begin offering the app to students. We’ve put together a kit of resources to help you spread the word about LabFind. Download the LabFind Awareness Kit for slide decks, email templates and other resources that will help you effectively communicate the benefits of LabFind to your peers and to students. Learn more.

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