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Demo of the Remote Access Dashboard

The LabStats Remote Access Dashboard is a dashboard that students can use to access campus resources from the comfort and safety of their homes. The dashboard displays a list of available computers and provides an easy and secure way to remotely log into a computer without any special knowledge needed.

How it Works

First, it’s important to understand that the Remote Access Dashboard runs on LabStats real-time usage data. You must have LabStats installed on the machines you wish to make available to students and staff.

The LabStats Remote Access Dashboard shows students which computers are available in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Computers appear in groups, based on your LabStats groups, which should be a lab or location.

Real-time Availability

A computer is considered available if it’s powered on, connected to the internet, and not in use by another student. The dashboard randomizes the computers that it shows to students to spread the load out and prevent two students from trying to use the same computer at the same time. Unavailable computers are not displayed.

Once a student selects a computer by clicking “Connect,” they will see a pop-up with download instructions.

This is an RDP connection file, which is used to establish an RDP connection. To learn more about RD Gateways and why Microsoft recommends using them, read Remote Desktop Services – Access from Anywhere and follow Microsoft’s set up guide: Deploy Your Remote Desktop Environment. If you’re not using a standard RDP approach, contact us to verify if we can support your method.

Students do not need any special technical knowledge to use this Dashboard. They can simply access the Dashboard from a shared link, which you can distribute via email or your organization’s website. Then they just follow the instructions to connect and download to achieve access to their desired computer.

LabStats Users

Just like all our updates, The Remote Access Dashboard is available at no additional cost to LabStats users. If you already have LabStats installed on-campus computers, schedule a tutorial with your account manager to get set up.

An Affordable Solution

If you do not have LabStats yet, schedule a walkthrough and see how the Remote Access Dashboard works. Pricing is straightforward, includes all updates, technical support and account management teams.

We’re also waiving installation fees to help you get started quickly and get your students connected with the resources they need.

Support and Updates

Our development team is actively working to improve this Dashboard, and you’ll get every update automatically, as it’s released.

You can also reach out to your account manager or Support Team anytime. We’re committed to partnering with you to find the best solutions for your unique environment, to ensure the success of your students whether on campus or at home.

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