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How does the Remote Access Dashboard Work?

The LabStats Remote Computer Access Dashboard starts off by advertising to students which computers are available to connect to (those computers that are powered on, are connected to the internet, and are not in use by a student).

It randomizes the computers that it shows to students to try and spread the load out across them and prevent two students from trying to use the same computer at the same time.

Then the dashboard gives the student a “Connect” function, where that individual is given an RDP connection file, which is used to establish an RDP connection. There will also be support for other alternative connection methods. If you’re not using a standard RDP approach, contact us to verify if we can support your method.

Who can use it?

The Dashboard runs on LabStats real-time usage data, so universities wanting to use the Dashboard will need to have LabStats installed on the machines they wish to make available to students.

Yes, but every environment is unique. You’ll just need to work with our developers to ensure we have the correct connection information for your particular RDP approach.

Can students connect to campus computers from their personal Mac computer?

Yes, students may use their personal Mac computer to connect to a campus computer. They will have to download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store first.

Can this Dashboard be used to connect to Mac computers on campus?

Yes, students can connect to Mac computers on campus using the Remote Access Dashboard.

Similar to RDP for Windows, the de facto remote connection approach on the Mac platform is VNC, which the Remote Access Dashboard supports. VNC offers seamless connections from a Mac to a Mac but does require a VNC viewer when connecting from Windows to Mac. We want to stress the importance of proper setup and configuration, as is the case with any Remote Access Dashboard you choose, to ensure secure and private connections.

Additionally, you may contact us if you are utilizing an approach other than VNC as we’ve also been able to offer some level of support for alternatives such as TeamViewer and Apache Guacamole.

How can I make the dashboard available to students?

Once your dashboard is created, you’ll receive a link you can publish to give students access to the Dashboard. Most schools choose to embed the link right on their school website. For added security, you can embed the link behind an authentication page. This requires students, staff and faculty to use their school login credentials before they can access the link.

How to generate awareness

Once your link is embedded in your school or department webpage, you can notify students, staff and faculty with a mass email. You can also point students to the Dashboard through your school’s social media channels as well.

View a recorded demo of the Remote Access Dashboard

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