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How To

How to Locate Unused Software Licenses

How to set up demand-based lab hours

How to set up demand-based lab staffing

How to Identify Zero-Use and Least Used Software

How to find machines that aren’t being used

How to Find Excess Licenses for Specific Software Applications

How to Customize Your Remote Access Dashboard

Remote Desktop Access Dashboard FAQ

How does the Remote Access Dashboard Work?

How do I get the Remote Access Dashboard?

Finding Zero-Use Computers and Applications

How to Encourage Student Adoption of LabFind

Importing Tags

Does LabStats comply with GDPR?

How do I reset my LabStats Password?

Can I use LabStats to track BYOD connections to University VM’s?

Can I login to LabStats with my university credentials?

Can I control access to LabStats data?

How do I define user permissions?

How do I refresh hardware with LabStats?

Does LabStats work with virtual desktops (VDI)?

Does LabStats work with Deep Freeze?

How do I know if I have too many or too few lab resources?

How do I know which labs are busiest?

How do I identify the busiest lab times?

How do I optimize resource availability in my labs?

How do I use LabStats to right-size my lab resources?

Does LabStats support single sign-on?

How do I save money with LabStats?

How do I identify unused software licenses?

How can I use LabStats to increase budget efficiency?

How do I justify my lab spending requests?

How do I reduce the size of my software image?

How can I find unauthorized software in my lab environment?

How do I know if labs are being used for student learning?

How do I know which applications are being used the most/least?

How does LabStats protect data?

How do I know how many students are using my labs?

How do I optimize my lab schedules?

How do I optimize my lab open hours?

How do I view an inventory of my software?

How do I identify underutilized computers?

Does LabStats track web-based applications?

How do I know which computer labs are being used the most/least?

What common lab management tasks can LabStats help me with?

What are some common ways labs use data from LabStats?

How can LabStats help me?

How do I contact LabStats customer support?

How do I show students which computers are available for use?

How do I improve the student experience in my labs?

How do I share LabStats reports?

Can I export LabStats data?