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How to Customize Your Remote Access Dashboard

Remote Desktop Access Dashboard FAQ

How does the Remote Access Dashboard Work?

How do I get the Remote Access Dashboard?

Finding Zero-Use Computers and Applications

How to Encourage Student Adoption of LabFind

Importing Tags

Does LabStats comply with GDPR?

How do I reset my LabStats Password?

Can I use LabStats to track BYOD connections to University VM’s?

Can I login to LabStats with my university credentials?

Can I control access to LabStats data?

How do I define user permissions?

How do I refresh hardware with LabStats?

Does LabStats work with virtual desktops (VDI)?

Does LabStats work with Deep Freeze?

How do I know if I have too many or too few lab resources?

How do I know which labs are busiest?

How do I identify the busiest lab times?

How do I optimize resource availability in my labs?

How do I use LabStats to right-size my lab resources?

Does LabStats support single sign-on?

How do I save money with LabStats?

How do I identify unused software licenses?

How can I use LabStats to increase budget efficiency?

How do I justify my lab spending requests?

How do I reduce the size of my software image?

How can I find unauthorized software in my lab environment?

How do I know if labs are being used for student learning?

How do I know which applications are being used the most/least?

How does LabStats protect data?

How do I know how many students are using my labs?

How do I optimize my lab schedules?

How do I optimize my lab open hours?

How do I view an inventory of my software?

How do I identify underutilized computers?

Does LabStats track web-based applications?

How do I know which computer labs are being used the most/least?

What common lab management tasks can LabStats help me with?

What are some common ways labs use data from LabStats?

How can LabStats help me?

How do I contact LabStats customer support?

How do I show students which computers are available for use?

How do I improve the student experience in my labs?

How do I share LabStats reports?

Can I export LabStats data?