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Software Inventory

Software inventory finds all the applications on the computers in your environment, even the software that isn’t being used. This data will provide you with new insight and make tracking any of these apps easier.

  • Discover what software is in your environment and where it can be found.
  • Verify no unapproved or vulnerable software is present so that it can be removed.
  • Verify licensing compliance so you can remediate any issues or reduce purchasing costs.
  • Ensure that the appropriate software and correct versions are installed where they should be.
  • With support for both Windows and macOS, you’ll have a complete picture of your environment. This data is exportable in multiple formats so that you can disseminate and take action.

Applications that are discovered by software inventory will be directly integrated into the list of known software, which is displayed in the Application Manager.

  1. To see these applications, click the Show Software Inventory button.
    • Any of the apps displayed on this page can be tracked by LabStats by checking the Tracked checkbox.
    • See all of the software found in your environment, including versions and the applicable operating system, along with a count of how many stations software is installed on.
    • Inventory information is also available from an individual view as well. While looking at a particular station, a listing of all installed software is available on the “Installed Applications” tab.

Similarly, inventory information is available for an individual application:

  1. While looking at a particular application, a listing of all versions (and operating systems) found in your environment is shown on the Installed Versions tab.
  2. On the Installed Stations tab, you can see a list of all stations which have that application installed and which version.

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