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QuickStart: Tags

You can create custom reports with tags. First, you’ll need to create tags to identify an item or group of characteristics you’d like to track, and then run reports using tags as a filter to see customized data for your environment.

You can assign tags to stations, applications, and users (with an option to anonymize user identity).


  • Station tags: install year, manufacturer, model
  • Application tags: license type, software package, type of application
  • User tags: faculty, student grade level, accessibility needs
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Viewing Tags

There is a Tags tab available on each of the Stations, Users and Applications sections. Each Tags page allows you to view the related tags that have been created (Stations > Tags will display all Station Tags). If tags are clicked, the page will redirect to a list of the Stations, Users, and Applications associated with that specific tag. Click on the individual Station, User, or Application to view and edit tags associated with that item.

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Importing Tags

Each Tags page has an option to Import Tags. This allows the upload of an XLSX spreadsheet containing a list of Stations, Users, or Applications and their associated tags.

  1. To import tags properly, create an XLSX spreadsheet with matching items (User, Hostname, or Application) listed in the first column (Column A).
  2. Use subsequent columns to add applicable tags for each user within the same row.
    • There is no limit to the number of tags that can be added.
    • The Import Tags tool will continue to add tags for a specific user until it reaches an empty cell in the row.

Station Manager

The Station Manager list is also capable of applying tags in bulk. Use the Search feature to find specific stations in the Station Manager list. Search is not case sensitive.

Once Search is used to narrow down the results, the desired stations must be selected. To only select a few stations, checking the box next to each station is adequate. However, the following bulk selection options are also available:

  • Check All Filtered—This option allows the selection of all items matching the search criteria across all pages.
  • Check All on Page—This option allows the selection of all items matching the search criteria on the current page. Items on any other pages will not be selected.
  • Uncheck All—This option allows the current selection to be cleared.
  • The Action on Selected drop-down list can be used to add tags to the selected stations.
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