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When running a report, I get an error

“This report requires infrastructure which has not yet been set up; please contact Support for assistance.”

  1. Some LabStats reports use a data warehouse, which is a second database installed alongside the LabStats database. This gets built and populated overnight after the first install. After that, it runs every night and updates to allow the reports to be run. The message you are seeing indicates that the “LabStatsDW” database has not been created yet, or the setup was not completed.
  2. If you are just installing, it should populate overnight.
  3. If LabStats has been installed for more than 24 hours and you are still seeing this message, you will need to check if the ‘LabStatsDW’ database exists alongside the LabStats database.
  4. If the database is not present, make sure that the SQL user used with LabStats has sufficient permissions to create and modify databases.
    • If the permissions were not present, it can be given the necessary permissions and the installer can be run again in repair mode.
    • The client-server should also be restarted.
  5. Also, check the user in SQL and make sure that the password policy is not enforced.
    • LabStats is unable to change the user’s password and it may cause issues.

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