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Why are historical endpoints returning more data than requested?


Historical endpoints use pre-generated data to enable quick results. When a request is made, the entire page(s) that would contain that data are pulled, which means that additional information may be included in your results. 


For example, imagine you have a 50 page Word document. Within this large document, you search for the term “computer.” 

The results will not simply show the word “computer” but will include the context in which it was found. For instance, it will return the entire page of text that includes the word “computer.” 

The same is true for an API call where you may have the entirety of your data but want to filter it by a specific date. It isn’t going to return only the requested date. Instead it will find the page(s) that have those dates and return the entire pages back for you to look through just like a Word document. If you request a date range of July 1-31, your results may include dates from June or August if they fall on the same pages as your requested results.

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