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Inactivity Mode

Inactivity Mode is recommended for use in computer labs with a single generic user account that always remains logged in. Inactivity Mode will record a logoff (the status of the station will be displayed as Powered On) after a specified time period. This mode can be enabled at the individual group level.

Enable Inactivity Mode for a Specific Group

  1. Navigate to Stations, click Groups, then select the desired group.
  2. Click Group Details, then Edit Group.
  3. Under the Content section, expand the Advanced menu section.
  4. Select Inactivity.
  5. Set the desired Time until computer is inactive threshold. The default is 3 minutes.
  6. Click Save, and Inactivity Mode is now enabled for the group.

Enable Inactivity Mode Globally

  1. Navigate to Admin, click Settings, then click Client Settings.
  2. Check the box next to Consider inactive computers logged off.
  3. Decide on a time period; Select from the Time until computer is inactive dropdown menu.

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