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How to Obfuscate User Data

User data can be obfuscated by utilizing a tool available within the LabStats Portal called Import Assigned Names. This tool will allow you to assign a different name to a user instead of the username initially detected by the LabStats Client. 

What this tool can help you solve

It can also be used to better identify users, for example if a username is a string of numbers, this tool could input more useful information where desired and allowed by law.

How to Import Assigned Names

  1. Hover over the Users menu in LabStats and click Manager.
  2. Click Download to download a spreadsheet of all your current usernames.
  3. Edit the spreadsheet.
    • Remove all of the headings/titles, and remove all of the columns except User.
  4. Move the User column to column A, then add the new usernames to column B.
  5. Click Import Assigned Names in the top-right corner.
  6. Upload the Spreadsheet.

You may need to do a hard refresh, or exit the application and reload it, to see the changes.

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