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Tags applied to Stations, Applications, and Users can be used for more targeted reporting. They can be highlighted when viewing report data to get more granular, filtered data.

Viewing Tags

  1. Navigate to the desired sub-menu: Stations, Applications, or Users.
  2. Click Tags.
  3. Click on a tag name to view a list of everything with the tag.

Importing Tags

Each tags page has an option to Import Tags. This allows the upload of an XLSX spreadsheet containing a list of Stations, Applications, or Users and their associated tags.

  1. Create an XLSX spreadsheet with the Username, Hostname, or Application listed in the first column (Column A).
  2. Use subsequent columns to add applicable tags for each user within the same row.
    • There is no limit to the number of tags that can be added.
    • The Import Tags tool will continue to add tags for a specific user until it reaches an empty cell in the row.

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