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How do I improve the student experience in my labs?

Have the Right Amount of Hardware and Software

LabStats’ reports show how many applications are being used. Correctly allocated lab resources can help save money and improve the student computing experience. Fewer software applications might need to be purchased since resources could be shifted or eliminated based on LabStats’ data. Learn more about how LabStats can help to right-size lab resources. How do I use LabStats to right-size my lab resources?

Help Students Find Available Computers


Use LabStats’ Maps feature to display on websites and kiosks which computers are being used. Students will be able to easily and efficiently find computers to use and the utilization of lab computers will increase. Learn more about how LabStats can help display computer availability to students.


Additionally, you can display available computers with the help of LabFind, a mobile app that empowers students to find available resources on campus. Students can use LabFind to get directions to available computers in real-time, find specialized software and discover additional resources like printers and study space. This iOS and Android app is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To use LabFind on your campus, you first need to run through a simple setup process in LabStats to define your campus resources, school branding, and labs. How do I show students which computers are available for use?

Updated on October 3, 2019

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