LabStats supports tracking virtual desktops including VMware View and Citrix VDI environments. You can track those virtual sessions and attribute usage to the virtual machine, or if being accessed via a thin client, you can attribute usage to the thin client as if it were a normal desktop (this is especially helpful when VMs are destroyed at each login or when they are assigned a different MAC address at each login). Persistent VMs and thin clients can be added to LabMaps and Remote Access Dashboards just like normal desktops.

To get started:

  1. Log into your LabStats Portal and navigate to Admin, the click Client Installation.
  2. Follow the steps as instructed.
    1. Complete instructions on how to configure the client will be provided, whether using the graphical installer wizard, a mass deployment tool (MDM), or via command line.
    2. Use the Mass Deploy option to obtain sample installation scripts and view relevant installation parameters for thin client setup.

VMware View Configuration

In order to attribute usage to a thin client via VMware, the connectivity agent’s group policy settings will also need to be updated. For example, in View Agent, the CommandsToRunOnConnect and CommandsToRunOnReconnect group policy settings must be configured.


Updated on September 17, 2020

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