Please note: We are constantly improving our reports library which may result in changes to reports, or the addition or removal of reports.


Reports are in a variety of formats, including Summaries, Histories, and Session Exports.

To make reporting easier, Report Criteria are set through a simple question and answer format. Report Criteria options differ depending on the report. Here is one example:

Simply click each link in the Report Criteria list to change each option. The date range can be set by entering a Start Date and End Date, or by selecting dates on a calendar. Schedules can be used as criteria, and Holiday data can be included or omitted from the results.

Filtering by Station allows report criteria to only include specific stations, operating systems, station tags, or groups. Specific station tags can also be excluded.

Filtering by User allows report criteria to only include specific users, and include or exclude specific user tags.

Filtering by Application allows report criteria to only include specific application names, and include or exclude specific application tags.

Group by Name, Tag, or Tag Group.

Many reports can be exported in XLSX format by clicking the Download Results button, or by clicking the “hamburger icon” (icon with 3 horizontal lines).

Below is an example of the download formats that may be available to you: