Deep Freeze

LabStats can be configured to work with computers frozen with Deep Freeze. The LabStats client can be moved to a ThawSpace and continue to track data correctly.

  • If a logout script forces a reboot with each logout, it may be desirable to redirect the C:\ProgramData\LabStats folder to a ThawSpace using Data Igloo or a symbolic link (Mklink).
  • If a reboot does not occur with each logout, it may still be desirable to redirect, though it is not necessary given LabStats infers an end-of-record (full records will not be lost).
  1. Thaw the client machine.
  2. Navigate to the ThawSpace and create a new folder called “LabStats”.
    • Generally the T drive (or a network drive can be used if it has a letter associated with it).
  3. Create a symbolic link by running Command Prompt as an administrator and enter the following command:
    • mklink /d C:\ProgramData\LabStats T:\LabStats
  4. This will create a new “LabStats” folder in the ProgramData folder with a symbolic link to the one in the ThawSpace.
  5. Run the LabStats Client Installer, and when prompted, specify the installation directory just created with the symbolic link: C:\ProgramData\LabStats.
    • To do this in a command line, like during mass deployment, use INSTALLFOLDER=C:\ProgramData\LabStats
  6. When asked about starting the service, click No.
  7. To confirm that the link is working, navigate to the LabStats folder in the ThawSpace (i.e. T:\LabStats) and verify that the files are also listed there.
  8. Reboot the frozen machine, and the client will now track data correctly.
Updated on January 22, 2021

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