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How do I identify underutilized computers?

LabStats’ reports show how often computers are used. This information can give insight into the physical layout of a computer lab, and even the usefulness of the applications that are installed.

The Login Summary by Station report shows the number of students using particular computers, and can additionally show usage data in context with other computers in the same lab. Easily determine which computers get more or less than average use.

Run a Login Summary by Station Report

Running this report, with the following chart criteria, will show the number of unique users that used computers in the selected lab. See the total and average usage of each computer. Organize the results by clicking on the column headers. Identify which computers consistently get underutilized by viewing several columns of data at once.

  1. Navigate to Reports. Then click the Login Summary by Station report.
  2. Select the date range.
  3. Click Including all Stations. Select group(s) (lab). Click Close.
  4. Click Submit.


Updated on September 26, 2018

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