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Station Manager


The Station Manager displays a list of all stations and provides the following information:

  • Status—This icon represents the station’s current status.
    • Blue with a triangle: In use
    • Green with a square: Powered on
    • Grey with a circle: Offline
  • Name—This is the station name, which may match the machine hostname.
  • Group—This is the group that the station is currently assigned to.
    • Click this to load the group page.
  • Serial—This is the serial number reported by the machine. Custom machines may not provide a serial number and the words System Serial Number may be displayed instead.
  • Host Name—This is the hostname of the machine, which may match the station name.
  • Tags—This is the number of tags associated with the station. Clicking the arrow will expand the list of tags for that station.
  • Manufacturer—This is the manufacturer of the hardware (i.e. Apple, Dell).
  • Model—This is the model of hardware (i.e. MacPro1,1).
  • IP Addresses—This is a list of all IP addresses reported by the machine.
  • OS—This is the operating system the machine is running (i.e. Windows, Mac).
  • Version—This is the version number of the operating system the machine is running.
  • Client Version—This is the LabStats Client Version last reported by the machine.
  • Search—Use the Search feature to find specific stations in the Station Manager list. Search is not case sensitive.

Once Search is used to narrow down the results, the desired stations must be selected. To only select a few stations, check the box next to each station. The following bulk selection options are also available:

  • Check All Filtered— This option allows the selection of all items matching the search criteria across all pages.
  • Check All on Page–This option allows the selection of all items matching the search criteria on the current page. Items on any other pages will not be selected.
  • Uncheck All–This option allows the current selection to be cleared.

Once stations are selected, click the Action on Selected drop-down list to view the following options:

  • Tagging–This action adds a tag to one or more stations.
  • Move to Group–This action moves a station to a new group.
  • Unassign–This action moves a station to an unassigned group.


It is possible to Import Custom Machine Meta data, Import Station Tags, and Import Group Hierarchy and Hostname Definitions.

Learn more about Groups and Stations on the Station Info page.

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