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LabStats Report Formulas and Terminology

LabStats | July 18, 2018

Listed below are terms you may see in reports along with an explanation of what information/formula is used. Summary Reports: Login Count:                      Total number of logins (individual usage records) that occurred within the selected time fra …

Hardware Reallocation

Support | June 25, 2018

When running computer labs, it is inevitable that a computer will become outdated and obsolete or need to be moved to a different location. Downsizing might also necessitate the removal of computers. The Hardware Reallocation Tool helps correctly split …

Application Manager

Support | June 21, 2018

Inside Applications manger you have many options. To get to the applications manager complete the following. To accomplish this Navigate to Applications>Manager Search Use the Search feature to find specific applications on the Desktop Apps page. Se …

Hostname Transfer Tool

Support | June 7, 2018

There are some times when you find that the hostnames on some or all of your stations are reporting incorrectly either to a mass deploy or a re-image. It is possible to Resolve this issues quickly and effectively via the Hostname Transfer Tool. To use …

Software Inventory

Support | April 11, 2018

For well over a decade, LabStats has enabled you to track and analyze hardware and software usage throughout your organization. Today, we have added even more powerful capabilities into LabStats that will allow you to get an even broader view into your …